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Strips, Wings & More

        (Buffalo , Cajun, Three Cheese)   

       (Orange, Teriyaki, Caribbean Jerk)   

     (Bar-B-Que, Buffalo, Honey Mustard,       Hot,  Lemon Pepper, Mesquite Grilled)

Chicken Beef Fresh Seasonal Fruits

Fresh Seasonal Fruits for All  Occasions

Fresh seasonal fruits are good at any occasion. From delicious strawberries, to apples and oranges, sweet pineapples to red juicy watermelons - fresh seasonal fruits please the taste buds of of all.

Fresh Seasonal Veggies w/Ranch Dip

Fresh seasonal veggies are the perfect addition to all finger foods.  From crispy carrots to crunchy cucumbers, from tasty broccoli to the fresh of yellow squash; seasonal veggies are healthy and delightful.

Fresh Seasonal Veggies

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Meatballs & More

House Favorites

Others Items

The following are suggested menu options and house specialities. Other menu options are available.

No one does it like the best…

The Berry Best

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


Picnic, Light  Lunches & Others

The Lighter Side

         (Cream Cheese or Shrimp)

          (Mini Chicken, Pork)     

          (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp)

Group and Corporate Light Lunches

Our lighter side lunches are great for school field trips to corporate fun days.  We off a range of cold foods great for outdoor, light hearted or fun events.

Glazed Pecan Crusted Chicken

Sweets & Salty

Desserts / Snacks